Supportive Brothers

Here is a recollection of a night two years ago when my oldest son, David was 7, and my second son, Cameron was 5.  David had an appointment at the flu shot clinic.  I had promised (bribed?) him that we would stop at his school’s book fair.  My husband persuaded me to bring Cameron too.  I heard nothing but bickering for the hour that ensued.  A sampling:

David:  “Cameron.  Don’t embarrass me at school.  I know you will.”
Cameron:  “Red slug bug!”
David:  “You don’t get that one, I do.  I have 100 slug bugs and you don’t.”
Cameron:  “Yes I DO!”
David:  “No you don’t, you just think you do, I have more than you.  I saw a blue one last night with Mom.”
Cameron:  “So?  I have 89.”
David:  “No you don’t.”
Cameron:  “Yes I DO!!!”
David:  “No you don’t.  You’re an idiot.”
Cameron:  (Crying.)  “David, you hurt my feelings.”
Cameron:  (Looking at a chapter book we bought.)
David:  “Cameron, you can’t even read that.”
Cameron:  “Yes I can!”
David:  “No you can’t, you can’t even read.”
Cameron:  “YES!”
David:  “NO YOU CAN’T!!!  You’re not even in first grade, duh.”
Cameron:  “I mean I’m just lookin’ at the picture of it.”
David:  “Well, when you’re in first grade I doubt you can even read it.”
Cameron:  “Yes I can!”
David:  “You can’t read it!”
Cameron:  “YES!!!”
David:  “Then what does that say?”
Cameron:  “I mean when I’m in first GRADE I can read it!”
David:  “I’m just getting a little nervous for my shot.”
Cameron:  “I can’t watch!”
David:  “Mom, it’s the one in my arm, isn’t it?”
Cameron:  (Asking out of concern.)  “David, are you going to cry?”
David:  “NO!  I’m too old to cry.  Only you cry because you’re a baby.”
Cameron:  “No!”
David:  “Yes you are, and you’re a nerd.  And you think you’re cool, but you’re not.  And your friends aren’t cool either.”
Cameron:  “You are dumb.”
David:  (Hits Cameron.)
Cameron:  (Cries again.)
© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2009


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