Deal Breaker

One from the archives.  David at age 7, Cameron at age 5.

So Cameron and David were playing games on the computer last night.  Cameron came upstairs (presumably because David wouldn’t allow him to have a turn).  David, who is afraid of being downstairs alone, came running up after Cameron and started berating him.

“Cameron, we had a deal!  You said you would be down there with me, that was the deal.  You break deals and that’s really bad.  We had a deal. You’re not going to be a good husband because you don’t keep your promises.  You’re going to get a divorce.  Your mom is going to, I mean, your wife is going to say, ‘Cameron, go to the store to get some milk,’ and you’re going to go to the store and forget the milk and break your deal.  You’re going to have a divorce.”

Cameron didn’t seem overly alarmed by any of this.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2010


3 thoughts on “Deal Breaker

  1. At some point, you must relate the story of Cameron, David and God. If you don’t have it, I kept the email. It’s priceless.

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