I don’t like to play legos (or play with cars, or color, or play basketball, or play baseball, or play tennis, or play with trains) with Justin.  Justin has control issues.  Tonight we set out to build a house with legos.  Justin wanted the house to have a door.  So I made a door.  The door didn’t go all the way to the ground.  So I made the door go all the way to the ground.  That didn’t work because you can’t open a lego door that goes all the way to the ground.  So we started over.  We needed to find the guy to go in the house.  Problem was Justin had just thrown it into his closet five minutes before.  Justin found the guy, but the guy needed a friend.  We couldn’t find his friend.  He improvised with two orange legos for his friends.  So we built a house with sufficient doorage, so the two orange guys were safe from the tornado, but their friend wasn’t, so we built a second floor, but it wasn’t working because the guy wasn’t all the way covered, so concern gave way to hysterics and soon panic because no one was going to be safe from the tornado.  Because I could no longer take the whining or demands, I began to dismantle the house and put the legos away.  That did not go over well.  I decided I was done playing with Justin and removed myself from the situation.  He ran to his dad and sputtered out between sobs, “Mom…broke…my…hooooouuuuse!!!”  A few minutes later after Barry calmed him down and was sitting with Justin and Alex on the couch, he said, “I love you guys.”  Justin responded coldly,  “Mom doesn’t love us.  She broke my house.  She puts toys away.”

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2009


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