Watering Trees

I took the day off today, partially so David and Cameron could have at least a semblance of a spring “break” instead of spending all week at daycare, and partially on principle because it’s Good Friday.

I just came out of the shower and saw Cameron on his way outside with a washcloth. If it were anyone else, I wouldn’t have thought much of it, but since it’s Cameron, I had to ask what he was up to.

“Well, I was in the tree and had to go to the bathroom really bad and so I had to pee out of the tree. Sorry.”

“And what’s the washcloth for?”

“Well, some pee got on the branch and I need to clean it up because that’s where people put their feet.”

Honestly do girls not do stuff like this because they are more civilized or because they don’t have the functionality?

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2010

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