No Decision

11:38am – David’s baseball game on. Scheduled for 6pm start.

1:54pm – Game cancelled. But stand by for update at 3:00.

3:12pm – Confirmation of game rain out.

5:26pm – Phone call in the middle of cooking tacos for dinner advising us of a 5:04 e-mail indicating game is back on, but start time is moved back to 6:45. Be there at 6:30.

6:25pm – Phone call from husband indicating he cannot locate field. I am not exactly in a position to help as he already wrote down the directions verbatim from Google Maps, and I am in the middle of cleaning up corn that was spilled all over the kitchen floor when Justin and Alex played a game of tug-of-war with the bowl and Alex is screaming because Justin got corn juice on his quesadilla.

6:38pm – Second phone call from husband who still cannot locate Bennett Family Park in Minnetonka (obviously not our normal stomping grounds). Apparently I am the one in the wrong because I don’t have him hooked up to a GPS with an instant feed that tells me his precise location and all he can tell me is “Dell Road.”  We argue because he can’t find the right cross street even though it becomes apparent that he had been traveling west on Highway 62 when he should have been driving north on Highway 101.

9:10pm – Barry comes home early with Cameron, whose skin feels like a damp fish. David arrives not much later with a grand story about the game being called in the third inning due to a kid not being able to see the ball, a make-up triple header in two weeks, hitting a triple after Barry and Cameron left, and stealing home. Relatively sure there isn’t a spec of truth in any of that. Barry thinks he has pneumonia, David can’t breathe out of his nose, Cameron can’t feel his feet.

Can’t wait until tomorrow night!

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2010

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