Sweet and Awesome

So Sunday I had grand plans to plant a few planters with some purple and salmon petunias (or peonies, I can’t keep those straight), pink geraniums and multi-colored impatiens, along with digging up a new area of a flower bed near my porch, and getting a new rose bush and two yellow Asian lily plants, and a day lily into the ground.  

The potting soil, plants, gloves and planters are all still sitting on my front porch.

A funny thing happened Sunday afternoon. Justin took a nap downstairs in Cameron’s room. Alex fell asleep in his room. Barry went to mow his mom’s lawn, Cameron disappeared to the home of his other family down the street, and David decided to go sunbathe on the deck.

It was quiet. I was in my bedroom reading a little bit, then I put my book down. The sun was peering in through the open window. The sheer drapes were billowing ever so softly as the fragrant spring breeze swept across my bare feet. I turned on my side and settled my head on two soft throw pillows and pulled part of the fluffy comforter over my legs. I could hear the sounds of kids laughing outside, robins chirping in the trees, the distant whirr of a weed eater, the scent of freshly cut grass filled the air.

And I napped, on and off, for a good two hours. And it was heavenly.

So even though I got up feeling a little bit like a slug for having squandered a beautiful afternoon, I have no regrets. I’ll water everything on the porch and get it planted next weekend. I bought the wrong size coconut liner and need some filler plants anyway.

I think basically I am perpetually trying to make up for nights like this one…from the archives. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 11/11/08  4:57 a.m.

I wake up to a crying baby.  A 3 year-old is at the side of my bed, staring at me until I wake up.  When I open my eyes he says, “I wanna watch ‘Johnny anna Sprites.'”  I look over and Cameron is next to me, snoring.  I stagger up, get Alex some milk and put him back to sleep.  Justin is right behind me. “I’m hungry.  I wanna waffle.” NO. It’s NIGHT time. Go back to bed.  Nothing doing. I let him lie down in my bed and try to get another half hour of sleep in.  Instead Justin takes Cameron’s Hot Wheels car that is parked on my headboard. Cameron sits bolt upright and says, “That’s MY car!” Cameron, for the love of God, just let him play with it. A few minutes later, Cameron and Justin are having a conversation.

Cameron:  “I got that car from Brandon’s birthday party.”
Justin:  “What is it?”
Cameron:  “A car.”
Justin:  “What’s it called?”
Cameron:  “A Hot Wheels car.”
Justin:  “Who made it?”
Cameron:  “God made it.”
Justin:  “What’s this?”
Cameron:  “That’s the wheel.”
Justin:  “Who made it?”
Cameron:  “God made it.  God makes everything.  Even he made us.”
Justin:  “Who made this part?”
Cameron:  “God did.  Brandon got a trick track for his birthday.  It has a loop de loop.”
Justin:  “Yeah, a trip track.”
Cameron:  “No, a TRICK track.  Do you know what that is?”
Justin:  “Yeah, a trip track.  It’s sweet.”
Cameron:  “Brandon got it for his birthday present.”
Justin:  “Yeah, it’s awesome.”

Exactly how I felt about my nap. It was sweet and it was awesome.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2010

2 thoughts on “Sweet and Awesome

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