Head In the Clouds

I’ve been in a very negative place the last few days. Now that I’ve been informed that picking a protected lady slipper is a capital crime in the state of Minnesota, apparently punishable by flogging or death (see previous post), I decided I’d say something nice about my criminal children who are hell-bent on destroying the environment one lady slipper at a time.

Alex was lying on top of my back as David and I were hanging out in my room watching the video of the class play he starred in, “The Pirates of Grammar Island.” Unfortunately I could not attend any of the three performances so Barry was nice enough to take time off to go a second time today and record it for me.

Alex: “Mom, I like you so much.”
Me: “Thanks, sweetie.”
Alex: “You love being a mom.”
Me (thinking how sweet that was to say): “Yeah, I guess I do. And you love being a baby!”
Alex: “Mom?”
Me: “What?”
Alex: “Can I take your head off?”

I took Justin to Target tonight and he was borderline exasperating. A partial list of the items he wanted to buy included: Tinkerbell gummy vitamins, a giant box of Goldfish crackers, Fruit “Gushers,” Shrek Gogurt, Cover Girl foundation, ice cream, orange flip-flops, something from the food court, and gum. He did talk me into Shrek fruit roll-ups and I think I was lucky that I was able to negotiate him down to just the one item.

On the way home I pointed out that the sun was setting behind a tall gray thunderhead. His imagination immediately went to work and I had fun just listening to him.

“Mom, I wanna be up in those clouds in a castle. Like with a beanstalk where the giant lives. He lives there, the giant. And I would climb up a beanstalk and go there. Mom, look, it has a hand! It looks like a big monster. But it only has one hand. The other hand got chopped off with a sword. Yeah. Oh now it looks like my bear! Look, my bear!”

For the next five minutes until the cloud formed into another shape he giggled about how his bear had turned into a cloud. And the funny thing was it looked EXACTLY like his bear, color and all. And if he hadn’t said anything, to me it would have been just another cloud.

© 2010


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