Dog Day Afternoon

Some days it would be soooooooooo much easier to just be a sucky parent and raise a bunch of morally corrupt brats.

Had an interesting little run-in with Cameron tonight. He’s not usually one for big tantrums but when he does throw one it’s a doozy. I think he’s seriously sleep-deprived after the holiday weekend and has been just making one poor decision after another.

I knew I had exactly $4.00 in my wallet tonight because earlier in the day I’d spent $1.07 and got four ones back from a $5 bill (I’m unemployed now, I’m keeping track of these things more than I used to.). It was exactly enough cash to get into the Chanhassen Red Birds game, which I planned on taking the kids to later.

Someone sent me a text and I reached for my phone out of my purse and found two loose $1 bills. The zipper on my wallet was open and empty. It didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that I’d been robbed. I asked Cameron if he’d taken money from my wallet and he said no. Later Barry found Justin’s piggy bank upside down and a bunch of change lying on his bedroom floor. Again, didn’t need a lot of sleuthing to suspect foul play. Barry searched Cameron’s pockets and came up with $7.00, two ones and a five. No hot lights or CSI was needed to break Cameron, who admitted he took the money because, in his words, “I wanted some money.”

So I told him that he would not be going to the baseball game with us tonight, at which point the meltdown began. Now given that he both stole and then lied about it, I’m not sure what gave him the idea that the punishment was somehow negotiable, especially when the best he could come up with was, “But I REALLY want to go to the game!!!”

That didn’t exactly move me. It turned into, “Mom, I’ll do ANYTHING!”

Anything but stop crying. He took it to a new level tonight, which was shrewd, but not especially well executed. He took my car keys hostage. He hid them and said he’d reveal where they were if I allowed him to go to the game. “If I’m not going, nobody’s going,” he declared.

Oh really? First misstep was he only hid one set of keys. The other set was still hanging on the hook next to the empty hook from where he stole the other set. Fatal flaw was that he definitely should have known better than to pull this kind of bullshit with me because I wasn’t about to give in and he was about five minutes away from being knocked into next week. And I’m also most likely revoking his trip to the Como Zoo tomorrow.

So David, Justin, Alex and I had a nice time at the Red Birds game, which I highly recommend to anyone in the Chanhassen area for cheap and fun entertainment, especially on a beautiful summer night like tonight. Cameron stayed home and I’m not sure what else transpired but he basically made himself sick with his two-hour long hissy fit and went to bed with a headache and an upset stomach.

I think I want off of this ride.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2010


One thought on “Dog Day Afternoon

  1. Good going, mom. It was a hard lesson, but a necessary one. It will filter down believe me. The other three kids will now know that if they take something that doesn’t belong to them, consequences will swift and irrevocable.

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