Soda Wars

Facebook can be interesting, especially when you’re unemployed and it’s too hot and humid out and you don’t feel like doing anything too taxing and your kids are staying with their grandparents and you have time to read some of the idiotic things people post. Two years ago it would have been impossible for me to get caught up in this drama but this afternoon I’m riveted on the smackdown some of the more rational FB users are laying on a loudmouthed idiot who we will call Jim.

I “like” the Minnesota Twins on Facebook. Usually that means I get game summary updates, injury reports, or whatever Twins news they want to share. Today they posted a link encouraging fans to vote in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge. The Twins are competing with other MLB teams to win a $200,000 grant from Pepsi to fund their project idea, which is to build a field for a kids’ wheelchair softball team.

What could possibly be controversial about that, you ask? You would think nothing, right? Well there’s always some humorless hater out there who has to start a holy war by submitting the first comment that says, “Pop is a very unhealty product right behind cigarettes and alcohol and drugs.”

Ok dumbass, thanks for ruining it for the rest of us. Without even going into how ridiculous your logic is, no one said you had to drink Pepsi, no one is forcing you to vote, no one asked for your opinion. You pretty much missed the point that regardless of what you think of their product, Pepsi is giving money away for a worthwhile cause so why wouldn’t you want it to go to something in your own community?

What’s nice to see is that anti-Jim posts are leading by a margin of about 9-1. My favorite was from someone named Jay who wrote, “Jim…please forgive us for not caring about the opinion of a guy that went to Devry. This is a great cause.”

The whole argument is out of Major League. ”Are you saying Jesus Christ can’t hit a curve ball?!!”

Anyway if you’re inclined to help some handicapped kids, vote at the link below. Or if hating sugar is more important to you then don’t, I don’t care either way.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2010


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