The Algonquin Round Table

Lunchtime conversation today with David and Cameron. With David doing most of the conversing, as usual.

David: “The most famous meal at Grandma’s is fried chicken. When I’m at their house I always ask for fried chicken.”
Me: “Me too.”
David: “It’s SO good. Do you know the story Grandma told of the people who had pizza at a wedding?”
Me: “No, whose wedding was that?”
David: “I don’t know. Mom, the food at Kim’s wedding was so good. It was like a real dinner with salad. The food at that other wedding wasn’t that good. Just sandwiches. The vegetables and fruit they had at the beginning was good, but that was it. And the meat for the sandwiches was REALLY good. So was the bread. And the ta-QUEE-tos. I had a lot of those. Cameron, I had taquitos for lunch yesterday. But the food at Kim’s wedding was so good, they had salad. Then, like, meat. The food at Chad’s wedding was really good. At my wedding I’m going to have a huge turkey or chicken, and salad with three kinds of dressing, Italian, Ranch, and French for you, Cameron. You’re welcome. And vegetables and fruit.”
Me: “Cameron, what happened to your forehead?”
Cameron: “Those are mosquito bites.”
Me: “Really? Ouch. Don’t scratch them any more.”
David: “The mosquitoes have been biting really bad this year.”
Cameron: “Why did they have to invent mosquito bites?”
David: “God made mosquitoes, Cameron.”
Cameron: “Why did He invent mosquito bites?”
David: “God can hear you, Cameron.”
Cameron: “Well I wish He didn’t invent them.”
David: “Mom, do you know what scientists are working on?”
Me: “No, what?”
David: “They’re trying to invent a time machine.”
Me: “Really.”
David: “Yeah, having a time machine would be so cool. We could go back to 1885 and have gun fights and go to hoe downs.” (I think someone watched Back to the Future III last night.)
Cameron: “We could see hobos!”
David: “No, Cameron, we could go back and see when Christ was born, the Revolutionary War. We could go…we could go back to 2000 when I was born!”
Cameron: “And to 2002 when I was born.”
David: “No. I would want to go back to when the Twins won the World Series. And I would go back for the Vikings and…and…do…something. No, I would make them go to the Super Bowl. And win. And I’d go back to 2008 when they were 10 and 6 without Brett Favre and have them go to the Super Bowl. And I would place bets and would bet like 25 million dollars. I would buy a time machine and place lots of bets. Mom, what would you want to go back and see?”
Me: “I don’t know, I’d have to think about it.”
Cameron: “How about when the Royals won the World Series?”
Me: “That would be cool. Or just going back to when I was a kid.”
David: “I would go back to 1987 when the Twins won. And I would go to see the Titanic. I’d go back to 1912 when the Titanic sunk.”

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2010


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