Friday Night Fights

Grade School Friday Night = The Dukes of Hazzard
High School Friday Night = Football game, dragging Main.
College Friday Night = $1 well drinks somewhere in Aggieville.
Singledom Friday Night = Happy hour after work.

Parenthood Friday Night = Digging through the garbage looking for Cameron’s first homework assignment. Stopping a brawl between Justin and Alex over a toy cell phone. Talking Alex down from his rage because Justin used the toilet “first.” Calming Justin down after a pincer got torn from his 50-cent crab “squishy.” Acting as presiding judge in the case C. Weiner v. D. Weiner involving a custody dispute over a Minnesota Twins kangaroo. Refereeing fights precipitated by the following: what movie to watch, Alex stealing a fruit snack from Justin, who gets the orange cup and who gets the yellow cup, Justin putting ketchup on Alex’s plate, who has the better fantasy football team, who left David’s bike out, popcorn, the last fruit snack, and what books to read.

Where are those dollar wells when you really need them?

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2010

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