iPod Shuffle

So Cameron was sitting at the table and made a big deal about how he was working on a project for school to learn about technology. He had the carcass of some electronic device. He said he needed to draw the components of it. Something struck me as being fishy because he kept repeating that he was doing it for school. I decided to examine what he had to make sure he hadn’t cannibalized a remote or cell phone or something we needed. I found it to be the exact shape of a small iPod Shuffle.

“You got this at school?”

“Yeah. It’s my teacher’s old thing she had when she was little.”

“Where’s your iPod?”

“In my room.”

“Go get it.”

He came back empty handed. “It’s probably still in your backpack from our trip,” he explained. I looked through the pockets of my backpack and found nothing. His iPod charger was in my nightstand drawer, but the iPod itself was not there.

I examined the piece of electronica again. It had four buttons exactly where the control wheel would have been. It had a hole on top where headphones would go. And another port where a charger would go. It was his iPod, I was sure of it. Staying calm I began to question him some more. Where exactly did he get it? What class is this for? How could it be his teacher’s old iPod, they didn’t have iPods when his teacher was 11, as his story went. Finally I came out with it.

“Cameron. Is THIS your iPod?”

“No! Why would I do that to my iPod?”

“I don’t know, but if this isn’t yours, where IS yours?”

“I don’t know, I thought it was in your backpack.”

“Cameron, be honest with me. Did you take apart your iPod?”

“No! I wouldn’t do that!”

“Cameron, are you lying to me?”

“Mom, honest, I didn’t.”

“Ok, then go find your iPod. I want to see it.”

He left without protest to go back to his room. I looked through a basket of random junk on my dresser. There it was. His blue iPod Shuffle, sitting right where I’d put it when I cleaned out my backpack after we got home from Pennsylvania.

“Cameron, come on back up. I found your iPod. I’m really sorry I thought you took yours apart, I should have believed you. I’m sorry.”

“I TOLD you I wouldn’t have done that.”

Oops. My bad. Cut me some slack, though. Any of my readers who have followed the antics of Cameron over the years should be able to attest that this was the classic blueprint for Cameron mischief. I’m kind of still in shock that I was wrong about him.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2010


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