Color Commentary

Some of last week’s random thoughts from the four musketeers…

Cameron:  “Joe Mauer is 29. He started in the majors right after he got out of college when he was 20.”

Cameron:  “Does DH stand for Decent Hitter?”

Cameron (going through his baseball cards):  “Here’s Alex Rodriguez. He’s signed. He took steroids.”

Justin:  “I like the Timberwuffs. But the Timberwuffs lose.”

Justin: “When you buy a big basketball hoop at the store, how do you get it in the bag when you do the checkout?”

Alex (saddest face ever): “The guys were squashin’ me.”

David: “Mr. Wolf is so racist to boys. He lets the girls do whatever they want.”

Alex: “I’m a BIG boy! Ben is a little boy. But he still gots a baby head. And he talks like a baby.”

Alex (referring to The Wizard of Oz): “I wanna watch Dorothy on the blue part. Ahhhh! I’m funny when I say that!”

Justin (pointing to some cloves in a plastic bag): “We learned about Frankenstein in Sunday School today.” (Took me a minute to realize that the cloves, gold foil, colored cotton, and star in the bag were obviously a representation of frankincense, gold and myrrh.)

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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