Highway To Hell

Well, maybe not hell, but purgatory at the very least. In conjunction with my commitment to write every day, I also thought about doing a photo a day too. I’m definitely going to get out and shoot more so I can improve upon technique and composition, but every day might be a stretch.

Today was a sunny, yet cold winter day. Winter has never been my favorite season, even when I lived in Kansas, which has a decidedly more temperate climate than Minnesota. So in the spirit of the gloomy winter season, I went out to photograph a series along what I think is one of the ugliest, most depressing stretches of road in the Twin Cities. Highway 13 runs along the Minnesota River through Shakopee and Savage. (I mean, really? Savage? What a horrible name for a town.) It’s an industrial area, rife with railroad tracks, elevators, factory smoke, and businesses centering around glamour industries such as tires, go-karts, RVs, auto detail, self-storage, forklifts, and garbage.

I don’t really have this set up as a photo blog (yet), so the entire series is posted on Facebook.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


3 thoughts on “Highway To Hell

  1. Great pictures!

    Like everything in that area – the name of the town has to do with Dan Patch – the horse everyone went nutso over. Marion Willis Savage was the owner and trainer of Dan Patch.

    I have been to the Windmill Cafe aka cinder block cafe – fun truck stop vibe.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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