Happy Birthday To Rian!

Happy Birthday to my sweet little niece, Rian! Of my parents’ now seven grandchildren, Rian is the one and only girl of the bunch. She’s plenty tough though, and can hold her own amongst all those boys.

I love to watch how the dynamics change when my four goofballs are around her.

Alex is her little play doll and she dotes on him. He adores that because he does not exactly get that kind of loving attention from his brothers.

Justin spends all of his time bugging the living crap out of her because he knows that she isn’t going to smack him around, which is what would happen if he pulled the same kinds of shenanigans on David or Cameron.

This has changed slightly, but Cameron enjoys playing the role of protector and hero when Rian pulls a “damsel in distress” act, particularly when she is being harassed by Justin. At one time Cameron was quite smitten with Rian, he was at her beck and call.

And Rian is the only person who can call David out on some of his more egregious bragging statements. Should Cameron or Justin challenge David on something they’d receive a swift slap upside the head or a shove into the next room. David can’t just brutalize Rian when she says something that upsets him, and is forced to verbally defend his position, which is entertaining to watch.

It is definitely nice to have a girl around! Hope you have a good day, kiddo!

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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