Golden Globes

Sheldon aka Jim Parsons for the win!

Been watching the Golden Globes now since about 6:00. It’s cutting into my Australian Open viewing. First I watched the red carpet arrivals with Alex, who was terribly annoyed when he missed the full pan shot of the bottom of the actresses’ gowns. He’s maybe just a little too concerned about shoes.

Anyway, here are some general observations.

Could Natalie Portman be any more adorable?

  • Nicole Kidman has a little bit of a gut now. I like that.
  • Ricky Gervais is really, really ballsy.
  • Is Annette Bening drunk?
  • Yeah, French guy who won something for best choreography or something, no one wants to hear you talk, move it along.
  • Matt Damon looks bored out of his mind.
  • Jane Lynch, you are hilarious.
  • Awesome speech by Chris Colfer.
  • Are you under there, Sandra?

    Kaley Cuoco announcing Jim Parsons as the winner for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical was so sweet. I just love Jim Parsons and Sheldon Cooper, so glad they won.

  • Helena Bonham-Carter is batshit crazy (I stole that from Craig Ferguson…there’s really no other way to describe her.).
  • January Jones. Yikes.
  • Sandra Bullock looks like the weird girl from The Incredibles who won’t talk to anyone and hides behind her hair. Either that or Ringo Starr during The Beatles sitar phase.
  • I’m guessing Lea Michele is like a total bee-yotch.
  • I wish Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt would just go away. They really aren’t interesting at all.
  • Ditto Justin Bieber. Nice shoes. (Insert sarcastic font.)
  • Love Johnny Depp, but he needs a new pair of glasses already.
  • My friend Rebecca looks just like Claire Danes.
  • I’ve never seen Leighton Meester wear anything that looks good, ever.
  • Anne Hathaway should have suited up for the Patriots tonight. She has the shoulder pads for it.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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