Finding Himself

My kids have been literally driving me batshit (Is batshit one word or two? My spellcheck wants it to be two, but I feel like it should be one.) for an entire week, and it only seems to be getting worse. After a particularly grueling dinner where Justin found at least five things to be mad about and then get over within the span of 20 minutes, I sat down to watch Bill Cosby: Himself, which I had recorded earlier in the day. It never fails to make me laugh, and I hadn’t seen it in ages.

I suggested to David that he might actually enjoy it if he sat down and watched with us. I promptly got the eye roll and a proclamation that it would be “stupid.” It took all of about two minutes into it before all four of the kids were laughing at the gestures, faces, inflections and general silliness. Cameron, Justin and Alex flitted in and out in between taking baths and playing with mini skateboards, but David watched for the duration and was laughing to the point where he needed to catch his breath.

Of course while David appreciated the humor of Dr. Cosby’s story about how the same thing happens every night, and how his kids are unable to go to bed without their nightly beating, I think he failed to see the irony that this is almost exactly what goes down in our house every night.

The show closes with one of my favorite bits. You can watch it here. It struck Cameron as particularly funny and he repeated it a couple of times before I got after him. I hope he forgets most of it so I don’t get a call from school on Monday.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


One thought on “Finding Himself

  1. Jen, my mom, Joel and I watched that one until we couldn’t breathe either. I LOVE Bill Cosby and remembering mom laughing at him until she cried!

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