Fearless Writing

One of the things I’ve read often about the topic of writing is the idea that to be a writer you need to essentially be fearless. Ok, maybe not if you’re a technical writer, but most other forms of writing involve revealing a piece of yourself, be it what your mind has spawned in the form of fiction, or if you are writing, as I often do, about your life or personal experiences.

I’ve always been a pretty private person. Not like I’m afraid to leave the house or something extreme, but I’m not one to do much gossiping or sharing details about myself with just anyone. And even with the people to whom I’m closest, I have a difficult time discussing emotions or feelings.

I don’t think, as a writer, I’ve come anywhere near to achieving that fearlessness. Some of it is because I know many people who read this will have personal relationships with some of the people I mention, and I want to protect their privacy as well. But a larger aspect of it is that I’m just not ready to bare my soul in a public forum.

What I really wanted to write about tonight was something entirely different. Even before I was finished, I knew that I would not publish it, which gave me greater freedom, and allowed me to speak from the heart.

Part of the committment I made to myself to post something every day is to hone my skills. The best way to become better at something is to repeat it. But I know there are some things that I won’t be willing to share. I must say I’ve often wished that others would show such restraint. Leave your audience wanting more!

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011

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