Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t Mah Bibbay?

Growing up, my brother and I always had the same sense of humor. We were almost of one mind when it came to cartoons. Some of our favorites were Tom and Jerry, and Droopy. We even liked the same episodes and the same scenes. To this day if I tell Chad to “Quit hittin’ me with that shillelagh,” he will know exactly what I’m talking about while others look at us as if we’ve completely lost our marbles.

It’s fun to pass on cartoon wisdom to the next generation. I showed Justin and Alex this Tom and Jerry clip today and they found it just as amusing as we always did, which was fun to see. Readers may take a peek at it and not get it at all, but to me it immediately evokes memories of silliness as a kid and makes me smile.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011



3 thoughts on “Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t Mah Bibbay?

  1. I used to love watching Tom and Jerry as a child and still do as an adult. Both of my younger children get so excited when they find Tom and Jerry on and they’re not little, they’re 13 and 10.

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