Art That Is More Than Fine

Tonight was Fine Arts Night at David and Cameron’s elementary school. It’s so nice to be in a school district that values arts education. I’m completely blown away by what the kids learn in their art and music classes.

The fifth grade band students performed in groups broken out by instrument. David and the trumpets sounded amazing. There is a dramatic difference  between now and when he started in the fall. When he first practiced it sounded a lot like a wounded elephant. Now he has such a crisp tone, and his phrasing is so much more fluid, just remarkable progress.

Cameron's rainforest diorama is the one made with the dark brown rattan basket.

I grew up in a small town and I’m sure the school system did they best they could with the resources available, but as someone who has loved to paint, draw and appreciate the visual arts since first grade, I would have loved to have the talented and creative art teachers that my kids have had. They experiment with so many different types of media. Tonight alone we saw water color, pencil, acrylic, environmental art, pottery, origami, collage, posters, dioramas, mosaic, paper sculpture. They just do so much more cool stuff than I was ever exposed to.

I kind of wish I could go and sit in on all of the art classes and do projects right alongside the kids. Think that would be weird?

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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