I Take It All Back

That post I wrote yesterday about a district that values arts education? I take it all back. I just saw the proposed budget cuts to make up for a potential $4 million shortfall in state funding. Among other things, it includes starting beginning band in sixth grade instead of fifth grade, and cutting eighth grade music lessons.

I understand the need to find savings to make up for a deficit, but is cutting seven administrative positions versus 43 positions directly related to instruction the answer? No. Schools systems are ridiculously top-heavy, and the cuts need to start from the top down.

The answer is not more money. The answer is spending what you have with discretion.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


2 thoughts on “I Take It All Back

  1. I will bet there wasn’t mention about sports! Talk about top heavy. The amounts they pay for coaching and how many coaches districts have is obnoxious. Oh, and heaven forbid that you shouldn’t have an athletic director or two for each school. Couldn’t survive without that.

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