Half Of The Internet Needs A Lobotomy

WHY do I do this? I know full well that the internet is chock full o’ half-wit, bigoted, mentally deficient, demented scumballs who apparently have nothing better to do from the halfway house than crawl around internet news sites posting disgusting comments designed to offend as many people as possible. Yet for some reason now and then I take a glance at the feedback, and then get sucked in to reading their ridiculous dreck, and then spend the rest of the night wondering how we, as a human race, will survive.

Did you know there’s a whole “Japan’s getting its what-for because of Pearl Harbor” crowd out there? They’re in good company with the “Japan had it coming because they hunt whales” lunatics. Then there’s the “Why should the US send any aid to Japan when they have the third largest economy in the world?” geniuses.

That kind of rationale makes the logic of the Westboro Baptist Church seem as airtight as a hermetically sealed crypt. I hope at least half of them are trying, to no avail, to be funny. The others are so misguided in their thought processes that I don’t think anything short of a railroad spike through the frontal lobe will do any good.

What the hell is the matter with people?

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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