Cameron came over to show me something he’d written in the journal he bought at his school’s book fair today. He just wanted to show me how many words his sentence had. When I asked if I could read it, he pulled it back and said, “Well, it just says that substitute teachers are dumb.”

I gave him my “you’re not supposed to write mean things about people” look, and he said, “Well, it’s a true fact.”

Then I threw him for a loop. “I used to be a substitute teacher.”

“You’re joking, right?” he said, looking alarmed.


“Well, not ALL substitute teachers are dumb.”

Nice recovery.

Not so fast, though. Ten minutes later he pulled out a folded paper “fortune teller.” After I answered some questions, my fate was to become a rock star.

“Oh wait,” Cameron said. “Pick another number. Girls can’t be rock stars.”

“Yes they can!” I retorted indignantly.

“Yeah, but you’re too old.”


© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


One thought on “Backpedaling

  1. funny your cameron is very silly.
    He is very active boy. He has full of talent. I bet he is just like you. More version of yourself. My mom is also a substitute teacher. When I was still young I also hate substitute teacher cos she is very strict.

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