Great Quips

After Justin and Alex finished their bath tonight, they started playing “haircut” in the bathroom. I’d include pictures, but they’re both quite nude, sans the towel “cape” over Alex’s shoulders. Thankfully only pretend scissors are involved, along with combs, brushes, water, an emery board (apparently one gets a complimentary manicure at Justin’s salon), and copious amounts of hair gel.

Cute as that is, what I’m finding quite hilarious is the small talk going on between hairdresser and client. Justin is using his professional voice, asking Alex all kinds of questions about vacations, his family, and what movies he likes. Alex is responding in kind, telling Justin all about his grandmother, the tornado that struck his house (um, he is pretending to be Dorothy getting a haircut), and his dog.

As I walked in to check on them, Justin was asking, “How do you like this? Should I bring it down more?”

Then Alex informed me that Justin was going to use a “number one” on his hair. And then they resumed business.

All quite funny, but it’s seriously going to take me a week to get all that gel out of Alex’s hair.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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