Peace Be With Me

This week is spring break in our school district. So Justin didn’t have Sunday School this morning. And some mornings it’s just too daunting of a prospect to even entertain the idea of packing up the entire circus for an hour of church. It’s easier than it was even a year ago, but I’ve had to smack David upside the head one too many times while he and Cameron were doing something obnoxious in line for Communion. And I just didn’t feel like dealing with that nonsense today.

So like any seasoned parents, we employed the tried and true “divide and conquer” strategy. Barry took Cameron at 8:30. Justin and Alex got a free pass. And after a stand-off with David, he ultimately decided he didn’t want to test Mom’s threat of “You don’t go to church, you don’t go to the Timberwolves game tonight,” and we went at 10:30.

Once in a while it’s nice to go and not have to worry about keeping everyone in line. With just David and me there, I had the opportunity to take in my surroundings. What I realized this morning is that most families are as close to dysfunctional as we are. Across the aisle a little girl was going through her mom’s purse, pulling credit cards out of her wallet. As we were kneeling, the boy in front of us sneezed. It was, shall we say, a productive sneeze. His poor mom was digging through her bag looking for a tissue. Finally his dad tore a piece of paper out of his brother’s notebook and used that. The first piece didn’t do the job so he tore out another. Unfortunately I wasn’t packing any Kleenex this morning (I checked) or I surely would have bailed them out. Babies cried, toddlers threw tantrums and had to be taken out. Didn’t bother me at all. It was just glorious that I wasn’t the one trying to manage it all.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


10 thoughts on “Peace Be With Me

  1. I echo your sentiments! We were in public (church included) today and I’m always so secretly thankful to see other kids being as obnoxious as mine.
    It made me laugh reading this because I always refer to us as the traveling circus as well!!

  2. You are a better mom than I. My husband loves when the kids sit with us in church. Me? Not so much, as I am the one fumbling with them, trying to keep them quiet and somewhat still. I do what I can to keep the boys out of ‘big church’. I’ll probably have to explain that to God when I die. 🙂

  3. Been there. Done that! Fortunately, we can still make use of the “Children’s Chapel” (aka the Crying Room) most Sundays. Soon though, I will have to wean my children from that crutch, and make them sit, kneel, and stand for an hour in the pews like the rest of us!

  4. I totally hear you. And I just had this thought…maybe I’m misinterpreting some of the “looks” I get when my kids are misbehaving in public. I assume I’m being judged as a mom who can’t control her kids but maybe the person is really just thinking…”glad that’s not me right now.”

    • The “looks” used to bother me. Now I don’t care. Maybe it’s because I’m usually too busy playing referee to notice. It bothers my husband a lot though. I tell him to ignore them but he has a hard time with it. Though I must say we get more compliments for having the guts to bring them all to church than we ever have gotten looks or negativity.

      I’m guessing most of your looks are of the “been there, done that, got the tee shirt” variety than judgmental!

      Thanks for cruising my blog!

  5. Kids very unbearable. It is just a prof that when kids are very obnoxious they are healthy and they have all the love and care that they need from their parents and all the people that surrounds. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that the biggest percent in everyday life of an individual is the love and belongingness in every family. As an elder we should give all the care and love that they need but not to the extent of spoiling them.

  6. I loved this & could completely relate. Once, standing in Church, a similar kid sneeze happened and the results landed in my husband’s … hand. With no options, he was forced to put his hand in his pocket. He always carries a hankie or kleenex now.

    Mom always said, “Every family’s dysfunctional. Anyone who thinks their’s is not just doesn’t know them well.”

    HA! Sure takes the pressure off … cheers 🙂 MJ

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