There Is NO Scientific Evidence That Autism Is Caused By Vaccines. Yeah, I Said It.

I was going to write something light-hearted tonight, until I saw an Associated Press story reported by WCCO news here in the Twin Cities. The article is linked here. Autism Fears, Measles Spike Among Minn. Somalis

My blood boiled when I read that the original Andrew Wakefield, whose 1998 “study” that purported a connection between autism and the Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine, was determined to be not only bad science, but outright fraudulent, has been peddling his fear-mongering garbage to immigrant populations.

According to the AP article, reported cases of measles (a disease that was at one time essentially eradicated in the U.S.) in Minnesota have been at zero to one per year for the past decade. This year, fourteen cases have been reported since February.

Today is World Autism Awareness Day. Instead of perpetuating unsubstantiated claims based on junk science, wouldn’t it be more prudent to focus on sorting out the true causes of autism and therapies that can improve the lives of these children and their families? Every Andrew Wakefield, every Jenny McCarthy, every Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. sets the cause back at least ten years.

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5 thoughts on “There Is NO Scientific Evidence That Autism Is Caused By Vaccines. Yeah, I Said It.

  1. Can I get a WITNESS!!! Thank you for pointing this out…again. Too bad you have to keep doing it. If the amount of time and money and research was diverted from this line of study to finding out the cause/possibly a cure and the best way to provide treatment and services to those already living this day to day HELL, 1 in 110 people and the lives of those they touch would be infinitely better. (Oh, and sorry for the cussing…the capitalized cussing…but no matter how much we love those with Austim…it is no walk in the park. In fact, a walk in the park takes waaaay too much prep work to be relaxing or enjoyable for the most part.)

    Those of us that have “awareness” of Autism on a daily basis thank you and others like you for never forgetting either.

    I even got a blue streak in my hair in honor of Autism Awareness!

    • Cool hair! I admire you for the struggles you have to face every day. I write my silly little rants about what goes on in my life, but I know I have it easy compared to the daily struggles you face. I hope the load gets lighter as the years go by.

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