Negative Probability

David and Cameron await the new baseball season every year with anxious anticipation. What team will I be on? Will I make the tournament team? Which friends will be on my team? It is the only news story that matters among the grade school set.

I’m not overly concerned about it. My philosophy is that whatever you get, make the most out of it. If none of your friends are on your team, you’ll make new ones. If a lot of your friends are on your team, great, more car pooling opportunities. If you don’t make it to a tournament team, work harder and try again next year, it won’t be the last time you have to face a disappointment in life. If you don’t like your coach, too bad, learn to get along with him. No matter what happens, it’s still baseball, it’s still spring, life is good.

In our city’s baseball association, the teams are based on Major League Baseball teams. They wear tee shirts and caps with the teams’ logos for uniforms. So far David has been on the Braves, the Tigers, the Mariners, the Mets, and he just found out he was drafted by the Reds. And he’ll be on a Chanhassen Storm traveling team. Cameron is on the White Sox this year. Justin is playing for the first time, and at his level, they are assigned Minor League teams. He’s on the Sand Gnats (The Savannah Sand Gnats are a NY Mets Class A affiliate.). He’s so proud. He put on all of his gear tonight, and went to bed wearing his hat.

There is one thing that I dread each year. I’m not a statistics or math wizard by any means, and don’t have the patience to try to figure out the probability of the scenario that looms. Eventually I’ll have four boys going through the system, playing for probably five to seven different teams over their careers until they move up and on to another level. Odds are that at least one year someone will land on (cue evil music). The Yankees.

I hate the Yankees. Any good Royals fan hates the Yankees. Read your baseball history. My dad hates the Yankees. He’s a Red Sox fan, it’s a given that he would hate the Yankees. My husband mostly just dislikes the Yankees, which I don’t understand since he’s a die-hard Twins fan, and the stupid Yankees have owned the Twins for the last ten years. He should hate the Yankees too.

I just don’t think I could stand having that obnoxious NY cap around my house. It represents everything that is wrong and unholy in the world. So I’ll keep crossing my fingers every year.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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