1 Of 1,000 Things My Dog Has Ruined

As a companion piece to yesterday’s 1 Of 1,000 Things My Kids Have Broken, today I bring you this. These were my glasses. Until this morning when my dog rendered them completely useless. At least I got some macro photography practice.

We adopted our dog, Penny, in November. She’s a beagle and corgi mix, and she’s still a puppy. Part of this is my fault because I’ve known that she had a fondness for stealing my glasses and chewing on the temples. I am a stupid idiot for leaving them on my headboard when she can steal them during the early morning hours while I’m still asleep.

Previously she had inflicted some teeth marks on the lenses, which you can see on the photo. I had been wearing them around with scratches, which was getting annoying. This morning she took it one step further and just broke the other lens completely out. Difficult to see because of the camera angle and because the bottoms of the frames are rimless. I still don’t know where the lens is. For all I know, she ate it.

I’m fortunate that my eyesight isn’t terrible. I can function without glasses if I need to, though I tend to get headaches. I always make a point of squinting my way through the eye exam when I renew my driver’s license so I don’t have a restriction. I also have contacts, but after wearing them for a few hours I’m ready to scratch my eyes out. So I dug up my old Elaine Benes from Seinfeld style pair, which are which are a minimum of 10 years old. Looking trendy, I tell you.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011 


2 thoughts on “1 Of 1,000 Things My Dog Has Ruined

  1. Come on, give Penny a break! You know that you secretly want a new pair of glasses so you left them in a well-know place where Penny was sure to be tempted. Now you’re absolved of any credit card guilt when you buy that new pair. I know – my human does the same with shoes…and socks…and bras…and unopened packs of bacon…and…

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