Put Me In Coach

As soon as Cameron came home from school this afternoon, he went into my room, laid down, and said he just needed to sleep a little bit because he was so tired in school today. But he’d be fine for baseball practice tonight.

I went in and snuggled up with him and the dog. He told me about his day, that he used his jacket as a pillow to take a nap on his desk, but his teacher wouldn’t let him, even though she was just reading out of a book and he could still hear her. Then he said again that he was going to sleep for a while, but would be able to play baseball later because it would be awful to miss two practices since one was cancelled last week because of rain. I asked him if he felt ok, and he said he was just tired, but he’d be ready for baseball practice after he got a little rest.

He closed his eyes for a little bit and then asked me to put Penny next to him, and asked if I was going to take her along to baseball practice, because it would be fun if she came, and he was definitely going to baseball because he just was tired and just wanted to sleep, and he’d be fine later.

I told him he felt a little bit warm, and he said, that’s just because I was outside at recess and it’s so warm out, but I’ll be ready to play baseball, my practice isn’t until 7:00. As he drifted off to sleep he mumbled, “I’m still going to play baseball.”

“I’m not sick. I was just so tired in school today. But I’ll be ready for baseball”

“I’m still going to baseball practice.”

Much fainter now. “I’ll be fine for baseball.”

Not sure if this is a kid who looks like he’s ready to play baseball, but it sounds as if he’ll die trying. I have visions of Kirk Gibson hobbling up to the plate.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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