Favorite Photos: Sports

It’s been about a year since I first seriously started thinking about buying a DSLR camera so I could explore photography in a way that would allow me a little better quality images and extras that my Fuji point-and-shoot didn’t have. It’s been a year and I still have much to learn. I’ve tried to improve upon technique and post-processing as much as possible before jumping into a lot of new equipment. There is a 70-300 zoom lens I’ve had my eye on for a long time, though.

Here are some of my favorite sports shots taken with my Olympus E-620.

I included spectator shots in the sports category. This shot of Justin supposedly watching one of Cameron's baseball games was taken with my Fuji FinePix point-and-shoot, but I threw it in because of the goofy look on his face as he's teasing the girls.

We'll call geocaching a sport too. Here are the four guys in a follow the leader formation trying to home in on the location of a cache in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

David's bat meets ball in a game against the Orioles.

Cameron crouching behind the plate as part of the Storm 7/8 Machine Pitch team.

Brand spankin' new Target Field on a lovely June night.

Executing a defensive play in the Chaska Area Football Association 10/11 division.

Winners victorious! Coming off the field after winning the CAFA division championship.

My nephew, Gavyn, watching touch football through the window on Thanksgiving weekend. "Grandma, can you get me a beer or something? These guys are terrible."

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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