Favorite Photos: Black And White

Black and white is a format I don’t explore often enough. I always shoot in color and then convert in post-processing, but sometimes it takes someone else’s eye to point out that a particular shot might be intriguing in black and white. I like the moodiness and edge that a black and white treatment gives to a photo, but to use it is not my first instinct because I just love color so much.

A few of my favorite black and white compositions taken with my Olympus E-620.

Stacks of books - Barnes & Noble, Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Fogged-in pier - Lake Susan, Chanhassen, Minnesota.

Cameron balancing on a building ledge - Downtown Minneapolis.

Times Square at night - New York City.

My nephew Gavyn with Grandpa Windholz.

Railroad crossing on Highway 13 - Savage, Minnesota.

Surf City Pier - Huntington Beach, California.

Viewing "Frank" (Chuck Close, 1969) Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Movie Theater on University Avenue Columbia Heights, Minnesota.

Dance students - Chaska, Minnesota.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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