Good Night Sweet Princes

Bedtime is the worst time of day for me. It’s wonderful reading and snuggling with Alex and Justin in their room, but when it comes to the point where they actually need to go to bed and sleep, that’s what I hate. More often than not I end up yelling at them. Then they’re mad, I’m mad. This is just not a fun way to end the day.

Both of them made the trip back to Kansas today with my parents. My mom wanted to take them back, but after I’d asked them a few times, neither of them seemed too sure. I really didn’t think they’d go. But this morning Alex was all gung-ho about the idea. I started packing his clothes and put some of Justin’s in too. Justin was staring at me from the top bunk.

“Take my stuff out of there,” he said. “I’m not going.”

But eventually the idea of each of them having their own DVD players, warm Kansas weather, and the fact that this was something Cameron and David couldn’t do because they had to go to school, wore him down, and he decided to make the trip.

So I have a few days without a bedtime struggle.

And it feels weird. Nice. But weird. And kind of lonely. I guess even with all of the drama and craziness, getting to kiss those little cheeks at night makes it all worthwhile. Good night guys. Sleep tight. I love you.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


3 thoughts on “Good Night Sweet Princes

  1. I wonder if there is some way to make turning out the light and getting ready for sleep can be made special for the boys.

    Have you ever thought of having them get into bed, turning out the light and then you tell them a special story…don’t make it too exciting or scary or their adrenalin will keep them from sleeping.

    And only tell them this special story if they go to sleep right afterwards. If they don’t, then they don’t get the story the following night. And don’t be the bad guy in this. Tell them the story fairy won’t come back until they have a good night’s sleep (or something).

    It might work.

    One of the things I used with my kids was a sort of cleansing thing I did by stroking the hair and their arms. It made them have goosebumps but it also seemed to calm them and make them receptive to sleep. I also used that one if they got tired and cranky out in public (at home they could just lie down and have a nap).

    I can’t imagine how miserable on a three-way basis this hassle at bedtime must be. Hope you can solve it.

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