Road Tripping

I’m on the road tonight. Coming at you from brother’s house in Nebraska. My parents took my two youngest guys to stay at their house in Kansas for a few days. This is the sort of midway point.

Anyway it got me thinking about the great American road trip, which I’ve always loved, and my husband hates. I grew up in Colby, Kansas, which is in the extreme northwestern part of the state. Colby is the “Oasis of the Plains,” not to be confused with Goodland, which my late uncle referred to as “the asshole of Kansas.” When you live in western Kansas, pretty much anything of interest requires a road trip. My husband is city born and bred. He just doesn’t get the allure of truck stops, license plate bingo, and sharing a backseat with your brother and sister who taunt “I’m not touching you” in two hour intervals.

So I think from now through Memorial Day I’m going to write about some of my favorite road trips. Most of which involved car trouble, all of which included squabbling, and some that even had moments of fun!

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


10 thoughts on “Road Tripping

  1. Sounds like a fun bunch of posts, S.G. Although I am city born and bred, I have driven in my own car and with others right across Canada and back across most of the northern United States, including Kansas, which was boiling hot the few days I was there – never felt such heat – Canadians aren’t meant to be that hot lol

    I look forward to your next little bit of blogging. Well, I always look forward to…well, you know what I mean.

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