Road Tripping: I’ve Got Your Apocalypse Right Here

Part 7 of a series. Road Tripping

Destination: Chanhassen, Minnesota (44° 51’ 25” N  93° 33’ 28” W)

Origination: Papillion, Nebraska (41° 9’ 15” N  96° 2’ 32” W)

Traveling Party: Jennifer, Justin (almost 5), Alex (age 3)

Date: September 2010

Now that we know that the rapture did not occur on May 21, 2011, as predicted, I bring you a poor iPhone camera image of what Purgatory looks like. Waiting on two volatile pre-schoolers in a public bathroom. Given the choice, I believe I would take my chances with Judgement Day rather than spend another minute in roadside hell.

I live in the Twin Cities. My parents live in Russell, Kansas. That trip is at least 10-11 hours by car. On a good day. Thankfully my brother lives in the Omaha area and he and his wife don’t mind (or maybe they do, and just can’t tell me because I’m family) if I bring my brand of craziness into their house for an overnight stay on the way.

This year I’ve been happily unemployed (Though that probably needs to come to an end soon…know anyone who’s hiring?), and have had time to travel. I’ve made the trip with just me, Justin, and Alex several times this year. The others couldn’t go because of pesky commitments like work, school, baseball, etc.

Traveling with children is not the all-encompassing, excruciating task it once was. It does get easier every year. When everyone can buckle their own seat belts and wipe their own asses, we’ll be home free. But it still has its more harrowing moments. I took this photo when I nearly lost it at a grungy rest area in Northern Iowa after I’d dragged Alex in kicking and screaming, and then had to go BACK in after Justin decided his “business” was not yet complete. I can’t even remember all the drama that led to this moment, other than Alex kept unbuckling his seat belt as an act of aggression.

Apocalypse? Whatever. Bring it.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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