2 Of 1,000 Things My Kids Have Broken

This is my bathroom wall. It did not look like this before I went for a walk this evening to blow off some steam. As I came to the corner where I could decide if I could continue for another mile or just walk the last two blocks home, I was leaning toward continuing. There is a stretch with an entire block of sweet-smelling lilacs I was looking forward to passing. Unfortunately I saw I kid in a blue shirt walking down the sidewalk. Justin. Alex was following 20 paces behind. With no shoes on. Then came Barry, apparently chasing after Justin, who had run away because he was about to be punished for slamming the door into the bathroom wall.

I’m no expert, but I think this goes beyond spackle.

Honestly with four boys I’m surprised this is the first time someone has put a hole in the wall. My brother was an expert at it. Our house, our grandma’s house, his apartment, hotel room, country club bathroom, his house. Some accidental, some intentional, some we’ll never know the full story.

So if Barry can’t zero in on a solution for fixing it right away, I’ll probably call the pro for some tips.

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© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


2 thoughts on “2 Of 1,000 Things My Kids Have Broken

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