15 Minutes of Thought

Whew. We’re paying for yesterday today. Justin wigged out over a donut this morning. Cameron had to be bribed to go to church. Barry, who is all jacked up because he’s taking Prednisone for skin allergies, asked me to help him put a pedal on Cameron’s bike, then yelled at me for not helping him correctly. I drove to Cameron’s baseball game, discovered Barry took the chairs out of the back, then had to drive to Justin’s game to get them out of his car, marched on the field to get the keys, then he told me that the chairs were in the garage, so I threw the keys at him. Alex went on a crying jag at Cameron’s baseball game because I didn’t bring his blanket along. David was really the only one in control of himself today, but he had to leave his friend’s house because his friend did something idiotic. Before anyone feels sorry for David, though, I have one word. Karma.

But now, I have maybe a solid 15 minutes to myself. David and Justin went with Barry to his mom’s house. Cameron is swimming with a friend. And Alex just fell fast asleep on the couch, something that never happens.

I should probably do something productive, but I am trying to be as quiet as a church mouse, hoping that if Alex goes into a REM sleep, I can just carry him over to his bed later, and he’ll be done for the night. So instead I’m just pondering a few things from my mental to-do list.

  • Become “that” parent, and e-mail the powers-that-be at Cameron’s school requesting a specific teacher for next year. Pushiness, even assertiveness is SO not my strong suit. Asking for things is something I hate doing.
  • Haircut appointment tomorrow. Should I chop it off for the summer?
  • Put a packing list together. Three kids solo in a mini-van for 12 hours on Wednesday. That requires some intense mission planning.
  • Figure out a plan for Penny. She’ll be alone all day Wednesday and Thursday. Is that feasible?
  • Figure out a plan for David. Probably should leave some food in the house if he has to do a couple of days solitary.
  • Fill out next week’s Faith Formation paperwork before I leave. God knows leaving it up to the dad is a bad idea.
  • Wonder why the Royals, who’ve been playing good baseball all year, completely laid an egg and got swept by the Twins, who’d lost something like 15 of their last 16 games going into the series. That completely wrecks my credibility, and destroys any and all bragging rights as a Royals fan up here.
  • Think about seeing people next week who haven’t laid eyes on me in 20 odd years. Will it matter to them that I’m no longer the same nubile, stunningly beautiful girl that I was in high school?

And whatever thoughts I had a moment to think about are banished from my head now because the whole lot of them are home. Barry’s complaining about the dog chewing up a box and leaving it all over the floor. Alex is up, telling on Penny for knocking over the floor lamp earlier. Cameron is demanding that we make new macaroni and cheese instead of re-heating leftover macaroni and cheese. Justin wants someone to play baseball with him. David just informed us he has to “redo” a math test, which was news to us.

Why does Snooki’s 15 minutes of fame last for two years, but my 15 minutes of silence lasts for a mere 15 minutes?

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011

One thought on “15 Minutes of Thought

  1. Great post…not so much the content itself (which would drive me nuts within minutes), but the way you wrote it…serene in the midst of chaos (well, except for the key-flinging incident). It was great contrast too – the actual happenings of the day, then the musings for 15 minutes. Nice writing, SG.

    Yes, you were beautiful back then. I venture to say you are still beautiful.

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