Twisted Tropical Lava Explosion

Anyone remember Lava soap? It’s gimmick is that it has pumice. Pumice being a porous, abrasive volcanic rock formed when the CO2 filled bubbly part of a lava flow is rapidly cooled when mixed with water. I believe Lava is a favorite cleanser of oilfield workers, coal miners, maybe heavy-duty gardeners. People not typically concerned with preserving their manicure or damaging their delicate skin.

Pumice! Why not just grind up some glass and razor blades and throw that in there along with some battery acid and lye?

What I want to know is, do they make Lava for Kids? Because the Suave Berry Body Wash for Kids is not cutting through the summertime grime my children are bringing home every night. Alex’s flip-flop adorned feet had at least an eighth of an inch of dirt caked on them. Everyone’s knees are a permanent shade of brown because the dirt that has worked its way into their skin has actually fused itself to their bodies. So unless I get in there with some pumice and peel back a few layers of skin, that grime is here to stay.

I may be onto something here. Pineapple Blast Lava with pineapple husks mixed in. Sandy Coconut Lava with beach sand and coconut fibers. Crazy Coral Guava. Saguaro Cactus Tingle. Stay tuned.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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