Don’t Fence Me In

Not really writing much tonight, though I am thinking about a short series on summer jobs that I’ll probably work on tomorrow. I’ve been thinking about jobs lately, because it’s probably about time for me to get one again. The thought of going back to corporate life and looking at spreadsheets and numbers, managing people, and sitting in cubicle world, though, kind of sucks the life out of me. The problem is, I got a taste of life on the outside. I’m this free spirit and putting me back in a pen is just not going to work. But there is that pesky matter of a mortgage, credit card bills and saving for college for four kids, not to mention retiring before 90. Air Force ROTC is looking more promising by the minute.

I have the capacity to be quite brilliant, very creative, highly personable. What I haven’t done is made an effort over the last year to find a way to make what I love to do pay off somehow. Time is running out and I feel like I’ve squandered an opportunity by sitting on the sidelines.

One of the photos in my photography portfolio. A Minnesota fall sunflower!

Anyway, what I’m working on tonight is a simple photography portfolio. I honestly don’t think I can make a go of photography as a career without a serious investment in further education and equipment, but I like the idea of getting my work out there, similar to what I’m doing with writing this blog. Someday when I decide I have adequate material to shop to an agent, the framework will be there.

Sorry for thinking out loud. I truly appreciate the wonderful comments of some new followers I picked up this week.

Check out my photography site at Jennifer Alys Windholz Photography! (Just click the link.)

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


9 thoughts on “Don’t Fence Me In

  1. Thanks for being in my corner, Julie. I can’t call mine “fantastic,” though, when you look at some of the other stuff out on that site. Just amazing work.

  2. Those photos are great! I wish I had a better eye for photgraphy but currently I’m using a digital that may have landed in the flour bag one too many times 🙂 it still has flour trapped in the lens from the last fall.

  3. I believe I have mentioned before the fact that sunflowers are my favorite flower. The picture from your portfolio is gorgeous! I hope you’ll share more, as you gather your stuff and figure out a new adventure.

  4. Your photo is spectacular!!! Your authentic self is speaking in this blog today and I know that your wanting to find your niche and I believe you have. There is a site called and you can put your photos on anything from real postage stamps, cards, posters, canvas, cups, shirts, aprons, magnets, key chains, snow boards, you get my drift right. The frame work is already in place you just have to make an account and launch your self. I have a few friends on it and they are doing beautiful work.

    Don’t take my word for it check it out for your self. Your work is beautiful and worth launching in a big way.
    With your corporate connections you can email them with your new work and let them check it out too. You already have a customer base with everyone you know.

    Have fun and know that your net worth will never exceed your Self Worth!!!

    Do it for the Joy of it…because you love what you do….the rest will fall into place!!!

    Bye for now,
    Lisa Anna Bull

  5. I think both your writing and your photography are spectacular. (I love sunflowers and have a special affinity for them.)

    Don’t give up on making a living writing and/or photography. What you need is a shtick, something that no one else does. That might be a little difficult to find, but with your creativity, not impossible. Like picture stories, personalized, for young children – make slide presentations of them or build a quick website explicitly for the story. I like the zazzie idea of putting your photographs on mugs, etc., with little quotes written by you – and sell them in your own online store. Build a money-making website and collect affiliate buttons to launch people to your affiliate owners website. Take a look around and see there are more opportunities than ever – more people are shopping online, and more people have faith in the internet than ever before.

  6. Have you ever considered the agency world? It’s far from a cube pen and you can use your previously acquired corporate skills to manage a business while working with creative every day….copy, design, photography, broadcast. Cube farms be damned!

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