The Sound Of Music

One thing that’s not in the Parenting Manual is that while driving in a car, you must have each of your children’s most hated song memorized so you can be Johnny on the Spot with the radio buttons, or your ears will be subjected to an intense burst of whining that will pierce your brain stem and render you incapable of any other thought besides doing anything to make it stop.

It makes any trip longer than two blocks quite interesting. It’s especially tricky when a song hated by one child happens to be a favorite song of another child. If you’re a visual learner like I am, you almost have to come up with a Venn Diagram in your head to keep everything straight.

For example, if Michael Franti & Spearhead’s Say Hey (I Love You) comes on, David blows a gasket if I don’t switch stations before the first measure is played. Justin, on the other hand, demands that I leave it on, because it’s one of his favorites. What ensues after that is not pretty.

Other than when everyone gets mad at me for forcing them to listen to something “horrible” from the 80’s like Bruce Springsteen or INXS, we can usually reasonable when it comes honoring a request to dump a song.

Here are some of the hot buttons. See if you could keep it straight. I know what my parents will say, “I’ve never heard of any of these.” Spend every car trip tuned into Top 40 radio. You’ll learn them, like it or not. The things we sacrifice for our kids…good taste being just one.

  • Alex’s favorites – Hello, Martin Solveig; Just Can’t Get Enough, The Black Eyed Peas; All the Single Ladies, Beyoncé; California Gurls, Katy Perry
  • Alex’s hated – Tonight Tonight, Hot Chelle Rae
  • Justin’s favorites – Break Your Heart, Taio Cruz; On the Floor, Jennifer Lopez; Use Somebody, Kings of Leon
  • Justin’s hated – Like a G6, Far East Movement
  • Cameron’s favorites – Don’t Wanna Go Home, Jason Derülo; OMG, Usher
  • Cameron’s hated – Bad Romance, Lady GaGa; Perfect, Pink
  • David’s favorites – Misery, Maroon 5, Party Rock Anthem, LMFAO; More, Usher
  • David’s hated – Rolling in the Deep, ADELE; Animal, Neon Trees; Jar of Hearts, Christina Perri
  • Jennifer’s favorites – Till the World Ends, Britney Spears; Animal, Neon Trees; Bulletproof, La Roux; What the Hell, Avril Lavigne
  • Jennifer’s hated – The Lazy Song, Bruno Mars; every song by Ke$ha or Jason Mraz
© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011



3 thoughts on “The Sound Of Music

  1. *sigh* Yet more proof that I am out of tune with pop culture. Though I have heard of a few of the names: Brittany, Adel and Kings of Leon .. oh and Avril L., the songs allude me. Top 40? I don’t know the last time I heard anything playing within the top 40.

  2. haha the one song i LOVE to torment my oldest is “pretty fly for a white guy” by Offspring. He is the total epitome of this song.He knows i’ve dubbed it “his” song and will just glare at me. while i sing a long. Hmmm think i’ll go put it on right now…

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