Top Ten Awesomest Summer Fruits

There is nothing I love more than going into the produce department and seeing a cornucopia of tree-ripened, fresh, not imported all the way from Chile, fruit to choose from! Here are my faves. You can disagree, but you will be wrong.

10. Strawberries. Ideally not from the supermarket. Those usually taste like chemicals.

9.   Bing Cherries. Even though I had a quite memorable bout of morning (or in this case, afternoon) sickness very much involving bing cherries, I still love them.

8.   Mango. Good ones are very elusive, even in summertime.

7.   Raspberries. Preferably on top of vanilla ice cream.

6.   Kiwi Fruit.

5.   Bananas. Not necessarily a summer fruit, but I’m still bananas for them.

4.   Seedless Watermelon. One of the seven wonders of the world.

3.   Red Grapes. They must be cold. They must be crisp. You should be able to bounce a quarter off of them.

2.   Pineapple. But never mushy or overly sweet.

1.   Peaches. Colorado Peaches.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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