Capturing Fireworks

Yesterday was a fun day, culminating in a backyard fireworks display, put on mostly by my neighbors who smuggled in the good stuff from Wisconsin. Where I live the park behind our house affords a nice view of our local show, as well as displays put on by a few of the adjacent communities. Some years you just don’t feel like fighting the traffic, exhausted kids, crowds and mosquitoes to get close up, so it’s nice to have a suitable alternative.

It also gave me an opportunity to try out some photography techniques that I read up on last year but didn’t have the equipment to properly execute. A friend who is a photography junkie like me, has a self-admitted problem with Gadget Acquisition Syndrome, which works in my favor, because as he moves onto bigger and better equipment, he’s kind enough to throw his cast-offs my direction, or offer me a deal if it’s something more substantial that he wants to sell.

So that’s how I acquired a decent tripod, something essential for the steadiness needed with the slow shutter speed to use when shooting fireworks. Dragging a backpack of camera equipment and a tripod down to the park definitely makes you the geek of the party, but I did manage to get some great shots, which I was very satisfied with for the first time out. I love it when a plan comes together. Now I know I won’t be wasting my time if I try getting shots at bigger and better shows right up front this summer! It kind of got me motivated to work on some more photography tutorials and on-line lessons that I should be doing more often.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011



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