I’ll Have What He’s Having

Sometimes having a conversation with a four year-old can be like trying to have a conversation with someone who is stoned out of his mind.

I was outside reading, and Alex was sitting on the driveway playing with some cars when suddenly he looked up and asked, as if he’d been pondering this for quite some time, “Mom, when you go to jail and you go potty in jail, do the jail guys help you pull up your pants?”

Me: “No, I imagine you have to do it yourself.”

Alex: “But I can’t pull up my pants all by myself.”

Me: “Yes you can. You’d have to.”

Alex: “No. I think you would have to come to jail with me.”

Me: “Maybe you should just try to stay out of jail.”


Alex: “Mom, when you bake butterflies in the oven, they taste sugary.”

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011



3 thoughts on “I’ll Have What He’s Having

  1. Haha!!! This one has me giggling at random when no one else knows what’s so funny! I have a 5 year old, and some of those conversations are priceless!
    “Mommy, I know how we get stickers in the carpet…the ants bring them in. See? There is an ant carrying a sticker.”

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