Purgatory Creek Conservation Area

Have you ever driven by something hundreds of times, completely oblivious to what hidden treasures might be found if only you’d take the time to stop and look?

A friend suggested that I take some sunset pictures at a park called Purgatory Creek. It sounded familiar. Probably because I’ve literally gone past it hundreds of times. I thought it was just a nice little trail next to an office building.

What I found instead were beautiful flower gardens.

And acres of wetlands.

And also the sunset vistas that brought me there in the first place.

And I was mesmerized by the beautiful, huge memorial to Eden Prairie veterans. Bronze sculptures, marble walkways with engraved quotes by John F. Kennedy, Norman Schwarzkopf, and Martin Luther King, Jr. just to name a few. It is just an amazing and lovely tribute to our troops.

So if you live in the area, take some time to go for a walk and to look around this fantastic site. I was especially moved by the plaques that display detailed information and pictures of servicemen and women who had died in far off places like the Philippines, Iraq, Germany, the Azores.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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