What The World Needs Now…

I follow a guy with a Twitter handle of @badbanana. I really don’t even know who he is, other than his name is Tim Siedell, and he is wicked funny, so I just googled him tonight. Apparently he owns a communications firm in Lincoln, Nebraska. I’d hire him. If I had a business. Or something important to communicate. And money. Maybe he’d hire me?

After a long drive today with four kids who’ve experienced way too much togetherness over the last week, and logging onto my phone and reading a bunch of news alerts toward the end of the drive (U.S. S&P rating downgraded…30 U.S. troops, possibly Navy Seals, killed in Afghanistan…disturbing witness testimony at that FLDS creepshow, Warren Jeffs’ sentencing hearing), I’m just too disgusted to write anything even remotely witty or even snarky. So I leave you with a quote from @badbanana that I posted to Facebook after that crazy bastard in Norway killed all those kids. It’s just as applicable today.

“What the world needs now is a roundhouse kick to the head. Burt Bacharach knew this, he’s just not very limber.”

Well said, Mr. Siedell. And prayers for the families of our soldiers who lost their lives.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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