Sweet Dream Or A Beautiful Nightmare

Alex and Penny, sacked out.

Alex woke up the other morning and told me right away that he’d had a scary dream.

My kids have all had occasional nightmares. I don’t recall having scary dreams as a child, other than thinking there were tigers in my curtains, though I know my little brother did.

David used to have a recurring dream about “the purple doggie.” The purple doggie tormented him for quite a while. He would even draw pictures of this dog attacking him. The dog would knock him down to the ground. David was nervous around dogs for a long time.

Cameron woke up in tears one night because he dreamed a whale shark swallowed him. We had to cool it with the shark books for a couple of weeks.

Justin says he has dreams about tornadoes. Lots of them. One night he wanted to make sure he had nice dreams so he decided to think about having a dance party for dogs. He named all the dogs he knew, then wanted me to think of more to invite. Penny, Ella, Scout, Sassy, Deuce, Cricket, Rosie, Boomer, Murphy, Scooter, Candy, Flip, Rocco, Layla, Tucker, Misty, Moxie, and Spike all made the list.

Anyway, when Alex told me about his dream, I was expecting something as equally menacing as a vicious dog, a man-eating shark, and a violent storm. “I’m sorry you were scared, sweetie. What did you dream about?” I asked.


“Mermaids? I thought you liked mermaids.”

“No. When they slap their tails on the water it’s really loud. I only like mermaids under the water.”

I guess I can see that. Oddly enough there was a mermaid on a Dora show Alex was watching tonight. She was slapping her tail on the water, making waves on the river Dora and her girlfriends (When did Dora grow up? Did I miss something?) were exploring. Alex didn’t seem bothered by it, in fact he wanted me to rewind so he could see it again.

“I thought you were scared of mermaids when they slap their tails,” I said.

He answered in the disdainful tone people reserve for use only when they are pointing out something obvious to the world’s biggest moron.

“This is a cartoon, Mom.”

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011

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