Power Hungry

I just won a stand-off with Cameron. He did something bad. The details aren’t important, but I have the evidence in (his) writing, and I made him come home from his friend’s house (which is just as well, because they were skateboarding and riding bikes off of a ramp and a broken arm was well within the realm of possibility) and explain himself.

He followed the classic pattern of denial, excuse, and then tears. He’s supposed to be cleaning the living room and kitchen as punishment, but he threw a fit about not being able to go back to his friend’s and isn’t doing it. Instead he retreated to his room, which was good enough for me for the time being, but I eventually rooted him out to make him do what I told him to do.

The nice thing about Cameron is that he doesn’t stay defiant for long. He’s doing his penance and his biggest concern right now is determining how much power I’ve handed over to David tonight while he babysits.

A rare moment of brotherly harmony. Can it be bottled and saved to be used at my discretion?

Today is my 13th wedding anniversary. Seems like thirteen should just be skipped over, like in hotels where there is no thirteenth floor. Anyway, we’re cheap and don’t want the hassle and cost of securing a babysitter to just go out for dinner, so we’re entrusting David, age 11 1/2, with his three brothers. This is our first attempt at such an endeavor.

There’s not a baby to care for or keep out of danger. They’re all pretty durable by now. David is the most cautious one. My biggest concern is not the kids’ safety, but that David will let the power go to his head. He’s already threatened to lock Cameron in his room if he misbehaves. I’ve told him that he does not have blanket authority or disciplinary privileges. It should be interesting. They have a movie. We’re available by phone, which may be good or bad. Hard to say.

UPDATE: I didn’t post this earlier because I didn’t want to make a public announcement that my kids would be alone this evening. But Barry and I did manage to get out to have a very exciting and romantic dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings (not my first choice). No phone calls. I texted David once to make sure things were running smoothly, got an affirmative. So we decided we could really get crazy and make a quick trip to the grocery store as well. We gangsta like dat.

The house was still standing when we returned, no one was crying, Justin and Alex made a big mess of blankets and stuffed animals downstairs, but that could have just as easily gone down while we were here, so all in all, despite a couple other issues, probably would call it a win. Makes me think we can cautiously move forward with future outings.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011

4 thoughts on “Power Hungry

  1. Jennifer I really thank you for share this. Due to this I can see that I’m not alone in the universe.
    The problem we’ve is that we’ve two daughters (17 and 9 years old) and just one 15 years old boy.
    Nico normally is like a Pandora box. You never know what could happen with him.
    I think I told you when he went to the roof when he was “alone at home” (like in the film… you know).
    In spite of his mom opinion, skateboarding and riding bikes off a ramp are actual Nico’s favorites activities, so it means that when I arrive at home Miriam has a large list of claims regarding Nico’s activities.
    In Argentina babysitters aren’t common so few years ago we started with short “getaways” to drink a coffee or for an ice-cream.
    I remember we could attend to the cinema for a non cartoons movie after at least 15 years…!!!
    In spite of our children grew-up (I’m not sure if it’s better or worst…) when we take this “moments for ourselves” phone calls starts with… “Mom you should seeeeee”… or “Dad… she/he is doing…”
    Last December for our marriage anniversary we get the audacity to propose to take a private and romantic dinner… I’m sure you can’t believe the debate hour started with a large list of “Why’s…?” we had.
    Finally I said that in spite of we are in a democratic country our family isn’t a democracy. They never voted for us for parenthood, so we decided apply the dictatorial privileges of an absolute monarchy and…………………… they came with us.
    Definitively, we aren’t alone in the universe.
    Kindly Regards.

  2. Isn’t it great that first time you can leave your kids alone for a bit???I swear people used to tell me it will come and I never believed it. Of course now that I live 30 minutes out of town it doesn’t come as often but if I have a quick jaunt to another farm town it does. My biggest problem is the youngest my older 3 could be left alone all day.

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