Stay With Me, Buddy

Wow, this week I just needed a break from writing. I have a few other things I’m working on, and the focus has just not been there. I found though, that once you skip one day, it becomes easier to skip two. And three. So I’m back on the wagon now.

I owe you a post about the second part of our trip to Wisconsin, which had its share of, for lack of a better word, interesting moments, but I’m just not into that right now. Instead I give you this little snapshot of my day.

Today I took the guys to see Cars 2. I realize it came out like three months ago, but I waited until it made its way to the cheap-o theater before we went. Cars wasn’t necessarily one of my favorite Pixar movies. Visually Cars 2 is an amazingly vibrant, detailed and stunning piece of cinematography. The colors in it are incredible. The plot though, considering it’s geared toward the younger set, is somewhat complicated and long. That’s likely why my four and five year-olds became pretty restless halfway through the movie. But we made it through and set off on the 20 minute drive home.

This is usually what you like to see on a car trip. There are exceptions.

We got out of the theater just before 2:00. When we got in the car I noticed Alex was pretty quiet. As we were driving, I saw him start to lay his head down. As a parent, this is DEFCON 3 territory. Because if he falls asleep on the drive, even for a few minutes, a nap when he gets home will be out of the question. It’s the equivalent of someone at NORAD starting to nod off on the job. It’s a situation that must be dealt with immediately. It’s a bona fide emergency because, cute as he is, Mama needs a break.

But since I can’t ply him with coffee or squirt him in the face with cold water, my only option is to keep him talking. Make him pay attention to something. Unfortunately there just aren’t that many points of interest from Hopkins to Chanhassen. So you just start asking questions and pointing out whatever random things you can think of.

“Hey Alex! Do you remember this song? It’s Party in the USA.

“So Alex, who was your favorite car in the movie?”

“Do you know who my favorite car was? Holly Shiftwell. Wasn’t she a cool color of purple? I liked that color. Or was it pink? It kind of looked a little pink.”

“What’s your favorite movie? Oh, Snow White? Who’s your favorite dwarf? I like Grumpy.”

“Why don’t you sing a song for me? Sing the one from Snow White. I haven’t heard you sing that for a long time. Please?”

“Hey Alex, look at that girl over there by the road with her car. I like her skirt. Isn’t it pretty? I think they must have dropped a box out of their trunk.”

“OH! Here comes someone walking a cute doggie. Wow, she has three of them, and that one looks like Penny.”

“Alex, did I show you the picture of the little puppy Kim’s friends are adopting? Wasn’t he cute? I love little puppies like that.”

“Hey look! A swamp!”

“Hey Alex, did you finish all of your Swedish Fish?”

“Do you think Anna has seen Cars 2? Are you gonna tell her about it tomorrow?”

“Hey Alex! There’s that park where we went geocaching. We should go there again sometime so you guys can play there.”

“Look! There’s the big crane!”

“Alex, do you think you’d be able to drive us home? Tell me which way we should turn.”

“Wow, look at that old car. That’s cool, it’s the same color as Holly in the movie.”

“Who goes to that church? Is that Rory’s church?”

“Look at that big bike with three wheels!”

“Hey! We’re just about home!”

I’m happy to report that he did take a lovely two-hour nap, at which time I had only the crises of three hooligans to deal with instead of four.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


4 thoughts on “Stay With Me, Buddy

  1. Nap time is a non-negotiable requirement. If there is a chance nap time will be thwarted – the big guns are brought out – quickly, efficiently and effectively. Well done, Mom. Well done.

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