Annie Leibovitz *Wishes* For A Carver County Fair Ribbon

The Carver County Fair wrapped up last week. I entered a few photos and scored a few ribbons. Not exactly the Pulitzer Prize, but it’s still fun! I might have to further refine my skills over the year and take a crack at entering something in the Minnesota State Fair next year. Any idiot can enter a county fair, but from what I understand, getting into the State Fair is tough, even for professional artists. Anyway, here are my entries.

Champion - Color photography. Blue ribbon - Floral still life/color enlargements.

Blue ribbon - Seascape color enlargements.

Blue ribbon - Architecture color enlargements.

Blue ribbon - Children black & white prints.

Red ribbon - Skyscape color enlargements.

Red ribbon - Children color prints.

Red ribbon - Architecture black & white prints.

White ribbon - Children color enlargements.

White ribbon - Animals color enlargements.

White ribbon - Floral/still life color prints.

White ribbon/Showcase ribbon - Floral/still life black & white prints.

Pink ribbon/Showcase ribbon - Children computer enhanced.

Light blue ribbon/Showcase ribbon - Birds color prints.

Zip. Guess they didn't like my blue trees.

Zero. Landscapes like this are a dime a dozen.

Nada. I really liked this church against the blue sky. Thought it deserved better.

Poor Penny got shut out. No ribbons for her.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


2 thoughts on “Annie Leibovitz *Wishes* For A Carver County Fair Ribbon

  1. Congrats! Of course, I love the sunflower! And, I am so glad you picked #3 for the penitentiary series. Congrats on getting a red ribbon for that shot! Great pictures! Congratulations.

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