Some Sunday Morning

Here’s what a typical weekend morning at our house is like. One day I dream of just maybe, being able to get up on a Sunday morning and relax with a cup of tea and a nice croissant with apricot jelly, leafing through the newspaper.

6:30 – “Mom?”
6:31 – “Mom!”
6:32 – “Mom. Mom!”
6:33 – “What?”
6:33 – “I’m wet.”



And then it begins. Every morning the crisis is different, but it always begins with a crisis and it always begins way too early. Once bedding is thrown in the wash, sheets are changed, and everything is back to normal, I think maybe I have a shot at catching up on ten more minutes of sleep but by then they’ve moved on to the next crisis.

“Mom! Cameron won’t let me watch The Wizard of Oz.
“Cameron, put Alex’s movie in.”
“No! I was here first!”
“Alex, can’t you just watch what Cameron’s watching?”
“No, I don’t like Phineas and Ferb! That’s no fair.”

“Give me breakfast.”
“What do you want?”
“What do we have?”
“The same thing we always have. Cereal, a waffle, toast, a granola bar.”
“I want you to make pancakes.”
“I’m not making pancakes right now.”
“No. I just got up, I don’t feel like making pancakes. Now what do you want?”
“What do we have?”
“Justin, I just told you. Toast. Cereal. Waffle. Granola bar. Oatmeal.”
“I don’t want any of THAT!”
“Then I guess you can go hungry. When you decide what you want, let me know.”

“Mom! Tell Alex to stop standing in front of the TV!”
“Alex, move out of the way.”
“I want to watch The Wizard of Oz.
“Cameron was up here first.”
“That’s no FAIR! I wanted to watch my movie!!!”
“ALEX! MOVE out of the way!!!”
“No. Not unless you let me watch The Wizard. Of. Oz.
“Alex, get away from the TV and go to your room.”
“That’s not FAIR!”

“Mom, I’n goin’ outside.”
“Justin, you don’t have any clothes on.”
“I wanna get dressed.”

“Mom!!! Penny’s tryin’ to get my blanket!!!”
“Cameron, get Penny to stop bugging Alex.”
“Penny! Penny! Wanna treeeaat?”

“Mom, can you get my bike out?”
“Hang on a second.”
“I can do it.”

“What Alex?”
“I pooped. I’m done.”

“Mom can I make myself a corn dog?”
“No Cameron, you’re not eating a corn dog for breakfast.”
“It’s my lunch.”
“You don’t eat lunch at 8:00 in the morning. Go eat something for breakfast.”
“Mom, I’m hungry, please?”
“Cameron. I said no.”
“Enough. I said no.”

“Mom! I got my bike out but I scratched the car a little bit. Just a little bit.”

“Mommy, can I have a waffle?”
“With butter on it.”

“Mom? I found a screw in the garage. Where’s the hammer so I can pound it in?”
“Justin I’m not giving you a hammer.”
“Why? I just want to put the screw where it goes.”
“You don’t use a hammer with a…just bring me the screw.”

“MOM! I wanted to put the waffle in!!!”
“You can pop it up.”
“No. I want to put it in.”
“Fine. Here. Now put it in.”

“Mom, instead of a corn dog, can I make myself a bagel and cream cheese?”
“Yes, that’s fine.”
“I’m just gonna take the cream cheese outside and do it.”
“No you’re not, Cameron. Just make it in the kitchen.”
“But I want to have breakfast outside.”
“Fine, put your bagel on a paper plate, but put the cream cheese on in here.”

“Mom! You forgot to get me milk!”

“Mom? Can you come watch me ride my bike?”

“Mom, can I have a pickle with my bagel too?”

“Mom, there’s not enough butter on this!”

It’s a good thing I’m a morning person. Or used to be. Otherwise there would be some kids who’d have to visit me in jail or the funny farm to annoy me.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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