Karlie And Justin

Five year-old boys are so romantic. It’s truly the sweetest thing ever.

Karlie and Justin back when they were kids...age 3.

Driving home from Cameron’s football practice tonight, Justin was talking about his friends, his best friend, Karlie, in particular. They’ve known each other probably since they were infants. Their birthdays are a month apart. Karlie has big plans for them. At least a year ago, she informed her mom that she and Justin were going to be married, and that she would be a heart surgeon and Justin would be a truck driver. I’m worried she may be a little out of his league.

Justin: “Kyla was mean to Karlie today. She pushed her down and Karlie got a bloody nose. I went in and told Karen, and Kyla took Karlie in the house. And Kyla had to go inside and read her book.”
Me: “Well that sounds terrible. I’m glad you’re nice to Karlie.”
Justin: “Yeah, she’s my friend.”
Me: “I know. Is Karlie still your best friend?”
Justin: “Yeah, I’m gonna marry her.”
Me: “Oh, so you want to marry her too? I thought that was just Karlie’s idea.”
Justin: “No, I wanna marry her too.”
Me: “Well that’s sweet.”
Justin: “Can I get some flowers to give Karlie?”
Me: “Sure.”
Justin: “What do you do when you’re already in love?”
Me: “What do you mean?”
Justin: “You know, when you’re already in love with someone, what do you do?”
Me: “Well, I suppose if you’re old enough and you’re in love, you can get married.”
Justin: “Yeah, maybe when I’m 16.”
Me: “You have to be older than 16. You have to graduate from college first.”
Justin: “Oh.”
Me: “You need to have a job to be able to pay for a place to live.”
Justin: “Oh. I’ll live around here. I wanna have kids too. I’ll have a sister, a real sister, not a dog sister, and a boy dog named Charlie. And I’ll have a baby. Actually Karlie will have the baby, and I’ll have a boy and a girl.”

And then we got home and he was done talking and off on his bike. So cute.

© Jennifer Alys Windholz, 2011


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